Unlock game for 2-5 players

The Game

While renovating an old bourgeois apartment, we came across the plans of an unknown secret society known as Ljubljena. The society unites only the citizens with a pure heart and good intentions who protect the secret to a happy and successful life.
There is a special test to join the society: a locked book of values. To reveal the secret of a happy and successful life you have to make your way to the last page of the book!
Will you make it?


There is a standard price of 60 EUR for a game session. That is the price for the entire team, regardless of the number of players (minimum 2 and maximum 5).
1. First, please reserve your session using our booking system above.
2. In the event that you are a team of 6 players, there will be an extra cost of 15 € for the additional player.
3. You can also pay for your session when you arrive with cash (only) or via bank transfer. For the latter, please send us an e-mail to arrange an invoice.

Unlock Ljubljana

Please come five minutes before the start of your reserved time to Robba Fountain in front of Ljubljana City Hall on Mestni trg. We will meet you there and give you the details of your mission and a locked book of values. Your happiness will then be in your own hands – on a fun journey through the city’s history you’ll have 60 minutes to prove that you are worthy of knowing the secret recipe for a happy and successful life. Different challenges and amusing surprises await you. If you get stuck, our gamemasters can help you with hints via walkie-talkie.

After booking

You will shortly receive a confirmation email for your booking.

Four hours prior to your scheduled time, you’ll also receive a reminder notification from us. Please be sure to arrive 5 minutes before your session at Robbov vodnjak in front of Tawn Hall (see the map). Our team will explain the rules of the game when you arrive.

If you chose to pay at the spot please bring cache. We will also ask for a deposit of 20€ which will be given back at the end.

If you have any questions, contact us via e-mail at info@unlock-ljubljana.si or give us a call at 031 524 523.